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Sex & Violence     Show Notes

Halloween      Show Notes

Supernatural Tales   Show Notes

Getting Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable    Show Notes

Lust v Attraction Part II      Show Notes

Lust v Attraction          Show Notes

The Bible            Show Notes

Spiritual Disciplines: Meditation         Show Notes

Spiritual Disciplines: Bible Study

Spiritual Disciplines: Service                        Show Notes

Spiritual Disciplines: Worship

17: Spiritual Disciplines: Fasting

16: Spiritual Disciplines:Prayer

15: Expanding The Kingdom

14: The Kingdom and Politics

13: Childlike Faith

12: Church Shopping

11: The Parable of the Talents

10: The Parable of the Sower

9: Addiction Part 2

8: Addiction Part 1

7: Money

6: The Kingdom and Kairos Prison Ministries International

5: The Kingdom and Connie

4: Kingdom Conversations: The Kingdom and Resurrection

3: Kingdom Conversations: Introductions Part 3 with Curtis & Sally Perea

2: The Kingdom and Shawn Lowry: Introductions Part 2

1: The Kingdom and our Weddings: Introductions Part 1