Kingdom Correctness

There is a lot of talk these days about political correctness. But what does it mean to be Kingdom Correct? It is disturbing to me how many Christian brothers and sisters seem bothered by the idea that they need to be politically correct and not say certain words anymore. When it comes right down to it, being politically correct doesn’t line up with the Kingdom of God. In fact, it falls way short. Political Correctness tells us we can’t say something that has been deemed hurtful or disrespectful. Kingdom Correctness only uses words that build people up and never tears them down. Kingdom Correctness has your heart far from even thinking of saying words that would hurt others.

Christians, we should not concern ourselves with what may or may not be politically correct. Instead, we should focus only on loving God and loving people which is the only way to live in line with the Gospel. It is the only way to be Kingdom Correct. It’s the only way to be sure our eyes are always looking at the Father, as to follow His lead. Our call is to the Gospel. This alone should be our main point of focus. Treat all people respectfully and with great dignity no matter their age, education, or financial status. This way, when you share the good news with them, they will be receptive to you and the message you bring. What good does it do to say the right words while your heart is grumbling that society is keeping you from using other, less uplifting, words?

It’s my opinion that political correctness could be broken down into a simple saying like, “hey, don’t be a jerk”. Political correctness is a secular way of trying to be like the Kingdom of God. It is the way mankind says, “Thanks anyway God. We don’t need you, your help, or your Kingship. We’ve got it from here.” I would suggest that the essence behind political correctness is in fact replacing God with the idol of self. When it comes to being “PC” there may be some genuine heart behind the idea but the human heart always falls short of the Spirit of God and of His Kingdom.

There are many ways in which humanity has tried to break away from the authority of God. Maybe it’s because authority is a bit of a dirty word. Most of us, to some degree, have problems with authority or authority figures. We don’t like to be told how to live, what to do, or how to act and God is often looked at as the upmost authority (which God is) except by people who do not believe God even exists (which He does). But what if God wasn’t looked at as an authority figure first? Instead, what if God was viewed as a parent who loves you unconditionally and would do anything for you? Now, what would it look like if we presented God as this unconditionally loving parent to the hurting people of this broken world? The impact the church could have for the Kingdom of God if we stopped worrying about political correctness and only concerned ourselves with Kingdom Correctness would be amazing. Truly amazing.

It is an uncomfortable experience to verbally hurt someone when there was no intent to offend. There is no doubt that I have done this and I will likely do it again. But my ignorance of why something is hurtful to another person is not an excuse to fail to learn and grow. It is an opportunity we should all be grateful for and one we should not allow to pass by because of our pride. Make no mistakes, it is pride that causes us to shift the blame of the hurt caused by our words onto the person who is wounded. I have heard people say that these other people are too easily offended. “They need to toughen up or the world is going to roll them.” But then the same people will agree that the world should be a kinder gentler place. The truth is, we can’t have it both ways.

Does the Kingdom of God demand people toughen up? Does the Kingdom of God tell people they are too sensitive? Love God. Love people. Now, you may say that love isn’t always unicorns and rainbows. Sometimes love calls people out on there shortcomings. Yes, however, you do not train or domesticate a wounded animal you first must aid in its healing. You must tend to the wounds first. Doing so will build relationship and trust laying the foundation for friendship and eventual discipleship. The Kingdom of God wants people to grow and become all they were created to be. The Kingdom of God wants its people to treat others in a way that does not require thick skin to be around.

The Kingdom of God is too big for world politics and American politics cannot contain, nor can one party lay claim to the Kingdom of God. We then should not put our politics before the Kingdom of God or the Gospel message we have been sent to proclaim. How can we proclaim the Gospel while we get defensive after saying words that others find offensive? Now, if people are offended by the Gospel you are preaching then double check that your message is not sullied and in need of correction. If it is, humble yourself, allow growth to happen, and try again. But, if the Gospel message you preach is pure and people take offense at the notion of loving God and loving people then you can try a different approach of sharing life, time, and building more of a relationship before representing the Gospel, or let them go. There is no rule, or law, or exact way of knowing which way to proceed, but the Spirit will guide you on individual cases.

So, love God, and love people. Treat everyone with dignity and respect. Make amends when you hurt people and forgive people when they hurt you. If you do this, then being politically correct will be a moot point because you will be right in the eyes of God and man.

Curtis Perea-

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